The Rogers Hornsby Chapter of SABR, serving central and south Texas, has been offering baseball reminiscence programs since 2015. Four locations have been served:

Austin, Texas partnering with Alzheimer’s Texas

Kerrville, Texas working with the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Kerrville.

Georgetown, Texas partnering with Alzheimer’s Texas, The Wesleyan at Estrella Assisted Living Center and residents of Sun City, Texas.

San Antonio, Texas in cooperation with Christ Episcopal Church.

Key contacts across Central and South Texas are:

Jim Kenton – overall program leader – jmkentn@gvtc.com

Mike McNulty – SABR volunteer – Austin – mcn_mike@sbcglobal.net

Dan Walsh – SABR volunteer – Kerrville – dwalsh1@austin.rr.com

Bob Wakefield – SABR volunteer – Georgetown – bobbin_97@yahoo.com

Catherine Campbell – Alzheimer’s Texas – ccampbell@txalz.org

More information about the Texas programs can be found on the Hornsby Chapter website.

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