Here are a few example schedules and agendas from existing baseball reminiscence programs. Generally, sessions are scheduled either monthly or every-two-weeks. Some programs organize a number of sessions into a “season”, others have ongoing monthly meetings throughout the year. Frequency and organization of sessions should be decided locally.

Also, local SABR program leaders and their sponsor organizations may choose different names for their programs. Names such as “BasebALZ”, “Talking Baseball”, and “The Baseball Hour” are examples of program names. SABR volunteers and their local sponsors should choose a program name that best meets their needs.

Here are example agendas from “The Baseball Hour” in Westchester County, NY:

Here are three example agendas from “BasebALZ” in Los Angeles:

Here is an example of an entire “season schedule” for six bi-weekly sessions in Austin, Texas, plus the agenda for the first session:

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