Here are recommendation letters and a video from two of our biggest sponsors, the Alzheimer’s Association and the Veterans Administration.

From the VA:

From Alzheimer’s Association:

A video from an Alzheimer’s Association sponsor is here.

Here are just a few examples of the great feedback we’ve received over the years regarding the value of baseball reminiscence programs.

From B.P. and R.P, an Austin participant and his caregiver:

“We would like to express our gratitude to you for taking time to volunteer at the Alzheimer’s Association.  We really enjoyed the “Baseball Memory” class.  I especially enjoyed the camaraderie and recalling childhood memories.  The feeling of support, fun and laughter was something we looked forward to each week.  Thanks also to your sweet wives who came and helped.  We are looking forward to the Express Game tonight and appreciate this opportunity.

Thanks again for your friendship and support.  Psalms 13:5-6. “

From Steve, a Los Angeles caregiver on his friend’s experiences:

… BasebALZ did make a difference. Because Al is such a baseball enthusiast, he would come alive and be engaged when you and Jeff made your presentations. He knew what you were talking about and could recall many of the stories that you shared. It also gave him a chance to re-live his experiences and share them with the group. We also loved the TPR (total physical response) aspect when we would go out on the deck and “play” baseball. The singing of the national anthem and “Take Me Out…” was also a great way to engage. At our BasebALZ meetings, Al was engaged and alert; he loved telling his stories about Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio (even if he repeated them over and over — I’ve heard them a million times). But he always looked forward to the meetings. 
… I want to do anything I can to support SABR and Alzheimer’s LA. 

Steve talks more about Al and his experiences here.

From a staff member at the Kerrville, Texas Veterans Administration hospital:

“First off, let me say how awesome it is that your group does what it does.  I myself am not the biggest baseball fan or fanatic and I find myself on the edge of my seat when y’all come and give presentations to our veterans.

Since y’all have been coming to the VA here in Kerrville we have noticed a few things about our regular participants in the program.  Some of our veterans that are not the most social or big conversation starters seem to open up during the group sessions.  They can recall past games they have been to and other memories from their youth.  It is amazing to see how far back some of our residents can remember the events of their days.  The details that they express in the groups sometimes paint a picture so clear you can almost see it as if you are there yourself.  You guys do all this through baseball knowledge and facts.  It is simply amazing.  One of our veterans (you know who) was able to recall an entire game and day from his youth based off of one fact from that game about a pitcher throwing the ball out of the stadium.  I think that alone says something about what you guys do…  It is amazing to see some of our closed-off veterans initiate conversations and even socialize in group settings who normally do not… It gives our residents a comfortable way to ease into conversation allowing opportunities to socialize and reminisce.  It creates opportunities to share experiences and even have an occasional laugh…  Our veterans have many stories to share and your groups allow opportunities for that.  Some of our veterans do not have the best memory anymore, due to age and other various diagnoses.  These sessions present opportunities to trigger memories they may have forgotten over time.  In my opinion it is a wonderful program and service that y’all provide.  I know our residents and even our staff marvel at the benefits from the program.

We thank you here at Kerrville VA for bringing your services to us and look forward to continue to work with you.”

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