Based upon the experiences of SABR chapters and members that have implemented baseball reminiscence offerings, here are some resources to help plan for a successful program.

The Baseball Memories Play Book ties together many of the resources on this web site. The Play Book lays out a step-by-step approach to plan, develop, and deliver a baseball reminiscence program in your community:

A case study of how one SABR chapter planned, developed, and implemented their baseball reminiscence programs. This is for general guidance only, as any new program should be adapted to meet local needs and interests:

A “quick start” view of how to get started is here:

Characteristics of a successful volunteer:

Some “lessons learned” from the first two years of a program:

Sometimes problems occur. Here are a few issues that facilitators have encountered and suggested solutions:

A sample introductory letter, for use in contacting potential sponsors/hosts, is here. Note that this document is in MS-Word format and can be downloaded & modified to fit your circumstances:

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