Los Angeles

The Allan Roth Chapter of SABR has been offering baseball reminiscence programs since 2018. Two programs are currently in operation:

A “BasebALZ” program in Los Angeles partnering with Alzheimer’s of Greater L.A.

A program with the local Veteran’s Administration “Home for Heroes”.

A few media pieces about the L.A. programs are:

L.A. Times article by columnist Bill Plaschke.

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles video.

National Public Radio interview.

Marca (Spain) article (en español).

Key contacts in Los Angeles are:

Jon Leonoudakis – SABR – jbleonoudakis@me.com

Jeff Hubbard – SABR – drjeffreyhubbard@gmail.com

Kimi Ego – SABR – kimiego2020@gmail.com

Anne Oh – Alzheimer’s L.A. sponsor – aoh@alzla.org

Alzheimer’s L.A. is a key partner for baseball reminiscence in the greater Los Angeles area. http://www.alzheimersla.org

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