POTENTIAL PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS – here are just a few nationally-known groups.  Local possibilities are many and varied.


(note – some local Alzheimer’s groups are chapters of the national organization; others are independent non-profits; some metro areas have both.  Be aware that the national organization places top priority on research for a cure, while most local independents place top priority on outreach & support services.)

Alzheimer’s Texas is the local partner of SABR’s programs in Central Texas –

Alzheimer's LA Logo

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles sponsors baseball reminiscence programs with SABR in Los Angeles.

Alzheimer's Foundation of America


The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America provides support resources, education, and research funding. They have affiliated organizations nationwide that are part of their “Excellence in Care” programs of distinction, as well as a national network of over 2200 member organizations that provide direct services to persons living with dementia and their families. You can search for Alzheimer’s Foundation member organizations in your area.


(note – the programs with the VA in Texas and L.A. were developed with local administrators)


Memory Cafe’ is an international group that brings together potential local sites that will host gatherings for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. They have an extensive directory for both in-person and online meetings.


Local Sun City active adult communities can be a source of participants as well as volunteers. Go to the Del Webb site to see if there’s a Sun City near you. An article from the Sun City Texas monthly magazine describes one such program located in Georgetown, Texas.


The American Association of Retired Persons has a broad array of programs and resources for senior citizens. You can search their state directory for local AARP offices near you.

Beyond nationally-known organizations, there are many local possibilities for partnering. These include, just to name a few:

  • Senior centers
  • Senior day care centers
  • Memory care centers
  • Senior living developments
  • Places of worship

Alzheimer’s San Diego sponsors Baseball Reminiscence programs and is an active partner with SABR’s Baseball Memories group.

4 Mom Alzheimer's logo

The mission of the 4MOM Charity is to unite professional athletes, coaches, patients, caregivers, and our community in the fight for The World’s First Survivor of Alzheimer’s, by advancing the awareness, supporting caregivers, and funding research.

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