Reminiscence (recalling pleasant memories of the past) is an effective intervention to help improve the quality-of-life for people dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia, chronic health issues, and loneliness.  Since 2015, members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) have been developing and delivering baseball reminiscence programs in partnership with chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association, Veterans Administration facilities, and local senior/memory care organizations. 

Watch a short overview video (3 min.) about our Baseball Memories programs.

Watch “Extra Innings” – an indepth (23 min) video about Baseball Memories.

Read about SABR’s study of baseball reminiscence programs.

These reminiscence programs are not only effective in helping improve the well-being of participants, but they are also very rewarding for us as volunteers.  Here is a list of testimonials from participants, caregivers, and partners.

This site contains information to help implement baseball reminiscence programs in your community.  Beyond the resources available here, we’re also personally ready and willing to assist you.  You can contact any of us for more information, advice, and help:

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